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There are a large number of firms marketing auto dealer web sites. Why should you be talking to us?


  • We know eCommerce. Broadway Technologies specializes in eCommerce systems, and to that end we've spent literally years to understand what makes eCommerce sites succeed.
  • We know the car business. The Chairman of the Board of our company has spent a 50 year career owning and operating successful dealerships. Our CEO's family also has a long history in the car business, including experience on both the corporate and dealer sides. In addition, we cooperate closely with our clients to keep on top of what makes vehicles move in the current auto sales climate.
  • We know internet marketing. Internet marketing is simple if you know the right things to do. However, it is easy to waste time doing things that don't help your sales at all. We know the difference.
  • We know business application design. Our lead program designer has more than 30 years experience designing computerized business applications, effective user interfaces, and truly useful business reports. Very few web design firms have this type of experience at their disposal.
  • We know web site design. Our web design staff has been designing web sites since there has been such a thing, and we know the elements that make a web site effective. Creating a successful web site is much more than just making a pretty picture and placing some words and hyperlinks in it.

Quite frankly, although almost every auto dealer has a web site, very few have effective web sites. We've reviewed literally hundreds of auto dealer web sites, and found only a handful that avoid serious mistakes in how their product is presented.

Web site mistakes cost you real money ... to the tune of at least tens of thousands of dollars a month in lost sales ... net! Sadly, web sites containing these mistakes are created at every price point in the industry, from the most expensive providers all the way down to the 'wannabees'.

Here's the good news:

We know what the mistakes are, and they don't exist on the web sites we develop.

Call us now to find out how we will increase your leads and your sales with Showroom Advantage!


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