Showroom Advantage - Pricing

Showroom Advantage is provided for a reasonable monthly hosting/service fee.

Our fees are scalable with the size of your business.

There is a slight additional charge for using the Advanced Statistics and the Lead Tracking features.

We have a reasonable set up fee for which we set up your new web site, and help you get your inventory into the Showroom Advantage database.

Before your Showroom Advantage web site goes live, we will provide a one day onsite training seminar, during which we will:

  • train your personnel to use the Control Panel
  • provide instructions on how to best present each vehicle
  • show you how to use the Advanced Statistics reports to fine tune your internet marketing
  • give you marketing strategies for driving traffic to your web site, and how to keep it there
  • show you how to use your web site to improve your sales performance even with walk-in customers

There is a fee for the onsite training seminar.

The odds are quite high that your existing web site is missing several features that are critical to the success of an eCommerce site. For very little out of pocket expense, and generally about the same cost you are paying for your current web site's monthly service, you can move to Showroom Advantage.

If you follow our instructions for promoting your web site and how to market with it, you'll achieve a substantial sales growth. Our fees are really a drop in the bucket compared the number of extra sales you'll produce each month.


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