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This isn't going to be your normal product comparison page.

What you are used to seeing is a list of features with checkmarks in columns.

Those lists are self fulfilling, because of course the company that creates it is going to pick a list of features that shows their product in a good light.

We're going to compare here in a different way: our approach to this product.

Our Philosophy

In reviewing auto dealer web sites, we found surprisingly little to differentiate one web site from another. It seems to us that some early web sites in the industry have been copied over and over again with little innovation or research. We came to this conclusion because we can only find two types of basic graphical design and three types of basic product display.

To this point in time, auto dealer web sites have been created by one of two types of company:

1. traditional small commercial web site developers with only superficial knowledge of what drives automobile sales, and little or no previous experience with either web application or eCommerce development

2. died in the wool vertical auto dealer software developers, who dove into the business by hiring Type 1 web designers, thus creating an organization that has a deeper knowledge of automobile sales and computer programming, but still lacks a fundamental understanding of eCommerce

Showroom Advantage is the product of a third approach. Broadway Technologies, the developer of Showroom Advantage, has a very strong understanding of the field of eCommerce. Having for many years developed successful and feature rich eCommerce solutions for both retail and wholesale eCommerce, and having spent years studying what makes eCommerce sites successful, we know how to present product on a web site in an effective and efficient way.

Our owners have spent years in the business of running profitable Dealerships, so we have a proven understanding of what it takes to sell a car.

The lead developer has logged 30 years in major application development. There are no technical issues in creating eCommerce sites that challenge our skill set.

Then, and only then, we add in very experienced graphical web site developers to put an attractive face upon the foundation we've laid, as described above.

You don't find this broad range of skills and experience in other companies that are delivering auto dealer web sites.

The most expensive provider in the field charges 15 grand plus, per month. They know a great deal about the auto sales business. This know a lot about how to track inventory and leads. They don't know much about what makes an eCommerce web site work to the best advantage of both their client, and their client's customers.

Marketing an automobile on a web site is really very little different from marketing a wide screen TV, a DVD, or even a book. The only real difference is that a web site markeitng a TV or DVD will sell it to you on the spot, checking out through their shopping cart. With an automobile, you must have some salesman and management contact to complete the sale.

However, the process of helping the customer find a product (your vehicle for sale), and assuring the customer that it is the product he wants and needs, differs in no way than when he researches which TV he wants to purchase from

Understanding this to be true, we bring a full slate of proven eCommerce tools and techniques to the auto sales business, and we are the very first to do that.

Check out the case study from our 'ground breaker' in auto dealer eCommerce. Then give us a call.

Every day you delay in switching over to Showroom Advantage is costing you real money.



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