About Broadway Technologies, Inc.

Broadway Technologies is operated by experienced professionals from two fields, web design and traditional application programming and design.

Experienced Internet professionals manage and administrate our web servers, web hosting support, and general web design and services.

The key to our success is in our approach to web application design. Most web design firms are staffed by HTML coders who have, over time, been pressed into service developing web applications. Those firms are predictably plagued by poor design, misunderstandings, mistakes in project design, budget overruns, and even completely failed projects. Ask around. You'll quickly hear plenty of horror stories to convince you of our point.

Broadway Technologies was founded by application developers with more than 25 years of experience in traditional application design - business analysis, systems analysis, and programming. We start each web design and web application on a solid foundation of good design principle and understanding. We then apply a sensible, intuitive user interface, and finally, wrap the whole in an attractive graphics package that will make your web presence appealing to your customers, old and new.

For web hosting, we have robust web servers running under Amazon Web Services. We set up and administrate the web sites we host with precise attention to organizational detail. In other words ... we do it the right way. Your site will blaze.

Our eCommerce and business efficiency applications were developed in the same manner we just mentioned regarding custom web applications. All were thoroughly researched to make sure you could get every feature you'll ever need. We can literally furnish you with a million dollar shopping cart for a tiny fraction of that price, which is what the largest online stores paid to develop theirs.

Finally, we resell services and products in several areas, such as domain management, secure certificates, real time credit card processing and approval, business monitoring, and application and web design. We've worked hard to find rock solid, highly useful products and services at reasonable costs. Now you can instantly benefit from all the hard work and research we put into choosing these products. And by the way ... these are the products and services we use ourselves ...

Our sister company, LeisureSoft.com, develops home productivity and home entertainment software. If you become a Broadway Technologies Affiliate or reseller, you'll also receive commissions on LeisureSoft products.

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