Web Hosting

Broadway Technologies provides unbeatable web hosting, and extraordinary customer service for your hosting.

We start out with top of the line web servers. Normal "HTML only" web sites are hosted on 2.4 Ghz servers with 1 Gb system memory. Our database enabled web applications, including shopping carts, are hosted on 2.2 Ghz dual processor servers, again with a full 1 Gb of system memory.

Our bandwidth is provided by one of the largest bandwidth providers in the Southeast, and our lines have no cap on them. In other words, our web sites fly.

We provide you with unlimited FTP access to your site, and Frontpage server extensions and accounts if you require them. We also supply a generous number of email accounts per site, and monthly statistics, if you need them, showing your web site traffic.

Best of all, you enjoy personal service for your hosting needs. You'll find that on any occasion you need to contact us about your web site, we're personally familiar with your site, your history with us, and your needs. You just don't get that with the hosting companies that brag about hosting 100,000+ web sites!

Broadway Technologies guarantees to meet or beat the price and services of any hosting plan you are currently using. With faster servers, more bandwidth, personal service, and a price match guarantee, there's really no reason for you to not contact us right now about hosting your web site! Click Here to get started!


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