Your Sales Automation Blueprint

Broadway Technologies and SFA Technologies each have years of practical experience developing software to make businesses operate more efficiently. We've put our product lines together, along with select productivity software from other top-notch developers, to provide an Automation Blueprint to meet your sales organization's needs, and to solve their problems.

Step 1 : OrderMaster

OrderMaster uses industry leading bar code order entry software, along with Symbol's laser bar code scanners, based on the popular Palm II PDA. This gives your sales reps, either in the showroom, the field, or a trade show, the ability to quickly and reliably take orders. The less time your rep spends writing, the more time they have to talk to a customer about your products.

Consider these advantages :

  • Your sales reps have more time to talk to customers about products that will benefit their business, rather than copying down stock numbers.
  • By reading bar codes rather than writing down numbers, you eliminate mistakes that originate from poor or hasty handwriting in recording orders.
  • The sales rep and customer also get immediate confirmation that the correct item has been placed into their order.
  • Since line items in the order are stored in the Palm Pilot, you eliminate the psychological 'end of page' hurdle that causes some of your customers to stop ordering at that point.
  • By transferring orders directly into the OrderMaster server, you eliminate data entry errors that invariably occur when your clerk keypunches the order. You don't pay for that data entry time, either saving you on employees, or allowing your employees to perform more productive tasks.
  • You are able to provide your customer with an order confirmation on the spot ... neat, complete, and error free.

Using Palm Pilots allows your sales reps to simply drop them into a pocket while moving around and demonstrating product. There are no bulky clipboards or order pads. One of our competitors actually requires their customers to buy bulky and expensive notebook computers as order taking devices. Boy did they miss the point!

Convenience, efficiency, accuracy ... This is what you need in your sales organization, and OrderMaster delivers with a system that hits the bulls eye!

Step 2 : Web Transfer

Are your field reps having to mail or fax in orders? When you have the advantages of OrderMaster at your showrooms and trade shows, why settle for the 'old way' of allowing mistakes and time consuming order entry to continue to impact any part of your business?!?

Our Web Transfer system allows your field reps to upload orders directly to our web server. From there, your home office can simply download them and import them into your fulfillment software.

Your reps also can download the latest product and price database as often as it is updated. They will never quote old prices, or be missing new products recently added to your lines.

And the good news is : Web Transfer is inexpensive to set up, with very reasonable monthly service fees. It will pay for itself over and over again.

Step 3 : Online eCommerce

Wouldn't it be nice if your sales reps could spend all their time prospecting for new customers, and talking to existing customers about expanding the business they are doing with you?

Well, that can't happen, because your reps spend so much time on the phone and on their feet just writing down orders for the same old maintenance business over and over again.

Vortex Online eCommerce frees up time for your sales reps by letting your customers use a self-service "Business to Business" online shopping cart to place the bulk of their orders.

Vortex allows the customer to place orders directly but still keeps their designated sales staff in the buying loop via an integrated order entry source. The sales staff can still provide service on orders placed, but they gain valuable time to act more as a total "buyer's consultant", rather than just an order taker.

Just as discussed for the OrderMaster system, this saves your company time and mistakes. Done correctly, this can free up 70 to 90 percent of your sales reps' time to prospect for new business! Yep ... you should have had this in place a LONG time ago.

Broadway Technologies' Vortex B2B shopping cart is a fully featured answer to this need. Just click here for more details.

Step 4 : Customer Service

If your office staff and reps spend a log of time on the phone answering the same old questions, we've just found another area where their time is being spend inefficiently.

The Athena Customer Support system lets you quickly put the answers to frequently asked questions on your web site, plus it organizes and double checks every customer support communication you receive. It won't let your people drop the ball on a customer's question or problem, because you can instantly see a list of all unhandled communications.

Every week you delay from implementing this Automation Blueprint for your business is costing you money.

Don't procrastinate, call right now.


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