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The OrderMaster System eliminates the handwritten order-taking process by using hand held laser bar-code scanners to create and store orders at a trade show or on the road. These orders can then be downloaded to a PC for processing and storage, or emailed to a sales office or manufacturer directly. Full import and export capabilities exist to integrate FieldMaster with your accounting or back office software.

Replacing the handwritten order entry process reduces errors due to unreadable or mistaken item codes, and makes every salesman more productive by allowing more product to be sold in less time. The secret lies in the barcoding of product on the shelf or in a catalog, allowing a simple scan-and-quantity-entry process to take an order.

This powerful, yet user friendly, system is presently being used in the Gift, Table Top Accessory, Furniture, Lighting, Sporting Goods, Apparel, Hardware, Auto Accessory, Health Care, Jewelry and other industries that exhibit product at trade shows.

Although originally developed to automate order writing at trade shows and on the road, the system provides many additional benefits as well. A few of those added benefits are:

  • Sales people spend more time on selling and customer relations and zero time "writing" orders.
  • Speedier, more accurate and completely legible computer printed sales order forms can be printed out instantly allowing the customer more time at market and enabling the factories to ship more quickly and accurately.
  • Additionally, the system reduces sales staffing requirements, enables real time reporting of sales statistics, rapid entry of new orders and new products, and certainly creates fewer returned items due to illegible hand written orders.
  • Statistics from the Automation Industry indicate that companies using this technology are experiencing 20% to 35% increases in sales at trade shows because of the benefits and by eliminating the "end of page" fears associated with completion of a page on a hand written order.

OrderMaster is also the ideal tool for the harried sales force in the field! OrderMaster supplies Total Sales Force Automation including orders emailed directly to the manufacturer, electronic updates of product pricing and photographs, reduced sales force labor during non-productive times, integration with industry-standard contact management systems, up to 24 months of customer order history, onsite printing of customer orders and real time product availability information.

Corporate Sales Management has not been left out of the loop either. OrderMaster furnishes real time reports that show: productivity of sales staff on a per person basis, product sales rankings, and product line performance and individual sales person goal attainment.

For applications with varying showroom/trade show and on-the-road requirements, the OrderMaster and FieldMaster products are integrated to allow the best of both worlds!

You can test OrderMaster out by renting an OrderMaster system to use at your next trade show!

For answers to your questions about how OrderMaster fits your particular business, or to inquire about purchasing or renting an OrderMaster trial, call:


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