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OrderMaster Pocket PC

OrderMaster, in partnership with Broadway Technologies, has developed a new order taking system for the Pocket PC. The new system, provided on easy to read full color screens, provides such features as component pricing, taking multiple orders for the same customer simultaneously, and storing as many orders as you need to on your handheld device before you sync them to the desktop/notebook OrderMaster software. This last feature is particularly convenient for reps wanting to use the software on the road.

Under "Old" Management

Steve Cunningham, OrderMaster’s founder and creator, has reassumed executive management, including support, for SFA Technologies’ line of OrderMaster products. Steve has initiated an aggressive program to reassert top notch customer support, and to add features and services to OrderMaster that will insure this product defines the state of the art in sales force automation.

Steve, who created the OrderMaster concept and software several years ago, returned as President effective January 1, 2004 with a directive to create a five star support and communication path for OrderMaster Customers, and to drive forward OrderMaster's utility for its users with new technology, and useful strategic partnerships.

New Services
SFA Technologies has established a partnership with Broadway Technologies to bring you three important new services :

an internet transfer system to let you send orders from field or showroom back to your office. With this service, you don’t have to read and key in orders from faxes, or use inconvenient file transfer software. It’s fast, accurate, and gives you online status and order reporting.

Your reps simply log on to your internet transfer site, and it find the correct files for the to upload, gives them instructions on how to upload them, saves information for management reports, and prepares the order information to be downloaded by the home office at any time.

It also let the home office upload new product and price databases at any time, and informs reps, when they log on, if they need to download the latest database.

This is a dynamite tool that every OrderMaster user with more than a one man shop should take immediate advantage of. It eliminates delays and mistakes, and keeps your latest products and prices up to the minute in the field.

Business to Business eCommerce – your web site can now take orders for you with the fully featured Vortex Wholesale Shopping Cart. This gives your reps more time to find and establish new business.

For most wholesalers, their reps spend hour after hour taking orders. If many of your customers enter their orders through a web site, it frees time for your reps to do more prospecting for new business, and isn't that the main method by which your business grows?

This provides your business with the same benefits that self-service provides to many other industries!

Web Site development – Don’t have a website, or need to update the one you have? We’ve got you covered with professional, reasonably priced web site design. If you have a poor or non-existent web site in today’s market, you are turning away business.

The investment made in a web site with good organization and a professional appearance will repay itself over and over again. That's what Broadway Technologies specializes in. We know what is really important to get right in a web site, and what to leave out to keep from distracting your customers from the reason you want them viewing your site ... to sell them on your company and your products.


• SFA Technologies has instituted a new 24/7 support line, with a guaranteed 4 hour call back,
at 404-307-7106
• The support staff now consists of personnel with years of experience using and supporting OrderMaster
• A new VAR (value added reseller) program has placed additional trained support resources in the US Southeast, US Southwest, Illinois, and New York.
• Onsite support staff at New York, High Point, Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Denver trade shows

New OrderMaster Features

• New and improved reporting, including creating reports as Adobe Acrobat files
• Data transfer to popular commission packages (SMS, RepMagic (www.repmagic.com), and Commi$$ioner). See more about this on the Automation Blueprint page
• Improved interfaces to Peachtree Accounting (v7+), QuickBooks (v2003+), and Great Plains Accounting
• New PowerPoint tutorials are available to train your personnel in OrderMaster operation. Just call the SFATEK support number and ask how you can get them!
• A brand new wireless system lets you save orders directly to the OrderMaster server without having to dock your Palm Pilots (this adds on to your existing fleet of Palm Pilots). In a busy show, this keeps your sales force busy on the floor instead of hanging around the computer.
• Business card scanning is now integrated directly into OrderMaster. No more lost cards from prospects, or the wrong guy getting away from the show with an important lead forgotten in his pocket.
• * Coming soon * An option to print thumbnail images of products on special order forms. This helps to make sure you get the right product ordered, and can help interest a customer in a product they haven't otherwise seen before.
• * Coming soon * Integration of credit card swiping. Capture the payment info at time of sale, ready to bill upon shipment.

Update your software

OrderMaster’s latest software version is 6.0.5. You should be using at least 6.0.3. If you need to upgrade, please contact us at:


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