Web Applications

Why have just a website when you can have a web application!?

Web applications do things like :

  • sell your products in real time
  • relay information to and from your sales force
  • protect private areas of your web site for authorized users only
  • publish valuable reports for instant enterprise-wide viewing
  • facilitate communication between you and your customers
  • allow customers to look up support and other technical information about your products
  • prepare online quotes

Increasingly, functions such as those listed above are becoming common and crucial elements of web sites. If you're not providing your customers with these conveniences, it is certain that one of your competitors is ...

Many web design firms started out doing simple web design and now struggle mightily to successfully complete web applications. The skills required to develop web applications are far beyond those required just to develop HTML, graphics oriented pages. You wind up paying a design firm not just to develop your web site, but also for 'on the job training'. With you money, their HTML coders go from never having programmed an application ... to getting just enough experience to become bad programmers. Sadly, poorly designed web applications with recurring problems occur even in some of the largest, most expensive sites on the web!

Our staff includes systems analysts and programmers with more than 25 years of experience in application design and development. We design an efficient and rock solid application for you from the ground up. Broadway Technologies will turn your company's idea of a successful web site into reality. Using our understanding of state of the art presentation techniques and technologies, we'll advise you in ways that will polish your new internet presence to its shining best.

And just as we guarantee with normal web sites, we commit to a firm price for your web application, and we stick to it!

Our Jericho and Vortex Shopping Carts are strong examples of web applications. Both are highly sophisticated web applications, and we point to them proudly as testaments to our skill in crafting complicated and solid web applications.

To view the Jericho demo (Retail Shopping Cart) : Click Here

To view the Vortex demo (Wholesale Shopping Cart) : Click Here


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