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Customer Convenience

  1. Full text search of your products by product name, number, or description
  2. Ability to order up to 25 items at a time from one list of products
  3. Previous orders are loaded for order entry with one click. This allows customers who frequently order the same list of stock items to pull it up, go down the list and enter the quantities for the current order, and send it off to you ... all in a matter of a very few minutes.
  4. Built in print capability serves up a well organized, well presented order confirmation
  5. By uploading inventory information from your inventory control software, your customers can quickly see product availability, at any level of detail you wish to provide.
  6. Detailed product descriptions and pictures can be easily placed in the Vortex database
  7. Quantity discounts and custom pricing levels are ready to use if you desire, and are automatically calculated and displayed. Quantity discounts are customizable per product
  8. Partially entered orders are automatically saved in the Vortex database for the customer's next visit
  9. Customer login makes completing an order easy ... Vortex already knows the customer's identity, so they don't have to waste time entering payment, billing, and shipping information with each order
  10. Before submitting their order, a customer can easily change quantities on all items in the order, from one screen, and recalculate the order total
  11. Plus, each Vortex E-Commerce site delivered contains custom features unique to the needs of customers in that industry


  1. Password protected customer logins mean that only your actual customers get to see your pricing and product availability, if that is your desire. This security is three tiered ... a valid customer number, user name, and password are all required for a successful login.
  2. Tiered levels of user access allow a customer to define which of his employees may place orders, and which may only view your products for reference
  3. Password protected web pages allow you to view customer order history, and other order related reports, directly on the web without fear of any interloper getting access to the information
  4. Secure Certificates give your customers confidence that the information they provide through your web site goes only to your office
  5. Uploads and downloads of your product and order information are also protected by secure certificate and database encryption


  1. Your online database can be provided either through Microsoft Access, or through SQL Server, depending on your data storage and transaction requirements
  2. Vortex E-Commerce sites are hosted on top of the line Windows 2000 Servers, optimized and very fast
  3. Our bandwidth provider is one of the largest in the region. We have fully scalable bandwidth available in virtually unlimited throughput
  4. Vortex includes software that runs on computers in your office, making it fast and easy to transfer data to and from your accounting system, and to and from your web site databases. The Vortex 'client' software also has built in facilities for you to assign pictures to your products, and decide on file compression factors and image display size
  5. The client software also allows you to assign pricing by quantities, styles, and product features ... in ways that are not provided for even in some dedicated accounting and inventory control systems
  6. The existence of the Vortex's client software component makes it much faster for you to update product information than E-Commerce systems that only supply a web interface for product entry and maintenance


  1. Opt in mailing list collection
  2. Immediate email notification of new orders, batch downloading of orders, or both
  3. Easily configured display of sales, specials, and close outs
  4. Vortex has built in reports that give you a quick but complete view of your web site originated business. These reports allow you to select views such as reports by customer, and within requested date ranges
  5. LeisureSoft can add any customized report that you may need in addition to the starting suite of reports
  6. If your inventory control/accounting system provides for data import and export, LeisureSoft can inexpensively provide an interface to transfer data between your system and Vortex. This makes is very convenient to keep your product information published to your E-Commerce system, so that your customers always have current product and availability information
  7. Broadway Technologies can host your E-Commerce system on our "OrderHQ" web site, thus providing a domain of, as an example, "JonesSales.OrderHQ.com". This is integrated seamlessly with any existing web site, and has the particular advantage of making it easy for your customer to determine that they are in your E-Commerce area as opposed to your general content web site area.
  8. Many Business to Business E-Commerce sites do not provide for customer payment at the time of order, as often these transactions are on a customer's account. However, Vortex can provide real time credit card verification if needed, or provide credit card payment information to your batch credit card processing system.


Although Vortex contains a variety of features to make E-Commerce convenient, easy, and successful for you and your customers, each business and industry has its own unique demands. We therefore never presume that a Vortex powered E-Commerce Site will provide for your every need 'right out of the box'. Vortex is designed to be customized and extended. We work with each Vortex client to learn the needs of their business, and to make sure that Vortex meets all of those needs. Once we determine a schedule and a budget for implementing your E-Commerce site, we will deliver your site on time and on budget. That may sound like a trite commitment, but you won't have to ask around very long to discover that few developers in our industry are actually able to deliver on schedule and on budget.


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