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Shopping Cart Features

Below is a comprehensive list of the features available in our "Business to Business" and "Business to Consumer" eCommerce systems. You'll find that we have every feature and option you've ever seen in an internet ordering system, bar none. To have a system with even a fraction of these features custom written would cost at least tens of thousands of dollars, and likely well into six figures. Even were you to do so, you'd have plenty of bugs in it when you made it available to your customers.

Broadway Technologies' eCommerce systems are written by programming professionals, not web site designers masquerading as programmers. They are well tested, and ready to serve your needs in a matter of days, not months.

Standard Features:

Multiple item display
Upon a search or a category selection, multiple items will appear per page. This feature is common to virtually all eCommerce systems.

Thumbnail image display in Multiple Item Display
The thumbnail, or smaller image of the product, is displayed on the Multiple item display. This is a feature common to most shopping carts.

Detailed single item display
From a click on the multiple item display, a client can zero in on specific items for a larger photo and product details. Most eCommerce systems have this feature.

Full text search
Full text searches are available. The search will find results in product number, name, and description fields. This is a common although not universally included feature.

Automatic Sale Item display
These are items that you choose and put on sale that make for instant impulse purchases. Most shopping carts for some unexplainable reason do not make sale items easy for customers to find. We make it very easy for them.

Featured item selection and display
This is for new or featured items you wish to introduce. These items can be displayed on your opening web page, and also have a link that displays them. This is a feature virtually unknown to other shopping carts.

Hierarchal Product Categories
Product categories are displayed in a custom order. This order is set by the clients data and categories from there supplies data. eCommerce system serving larger companies and product offerings typically have this feature.

Automatic display of your discounts from MSRP
If your product data includes a MSRP our system will display the savings you offer between your price and MSRP. This is another rarely found feature, normally seen only on eCommerce systems developed in house at prohibitive cost.

Multiple pricing levels
Multiple pricing levels are allowed based on customer buying level, or quantity purchased. Very few eCommerce systems offer this feature.

Discontinued item selection and display
This is for discontinued items you wish to liquidate. Just like featured items, a simple link lets customers view these products. This is another rare feature.

Out of Stock indicator option
Optionally, you can notify clients if an item display in your system is out of stock. This is not often found in internet ordering systems.

Customizable Shopping Cart Display
With either the Jericho or the Vortex shopping carts, we customize the display to fit with your existing web site, and to fit your needs in an eCommerce system. With other eCommerce packages, you are expected to use them ‘as is’, and bend your business to fit the way they work.

Comprehensive online inventory administration
Allows you to enter and manage product, pricing, customers, users, etc. from an easy to use, and security protected, web interface.

Online post-sale order assignment and status tracking
From the administrative section on the website, you may view orders and process them for delivery. You can even have multiple shipping locations process from the same order pool without a possibility of and error such as double shipping. You won't find this feature in any other eCommerce package system.

Advertising Options

Affiliate Program
This lets other web sites place a link to your eCommerce system, and earn a commission when they send customers your way. Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble have used affiliate programs very successfully for many years. Will you ever find this feature available on another eCommerce package available to you? No.

Item Specific reminder emails
When an item on a customer's wish list becomes available or goes on sale, an email is automatically generated to let them know that now is a good time to make their purchase. Again, other than us, you'll only see this feature on multi-million dollar eCommerce systems.

Opt-in mailing list
This client opt in mailing list is where you can gather data to send clients additional optional information. Examples are: new stock items, success in retail stories, specials and more. This is the PUSH marketing that is so vital to a site. Opt in forms are common in both web sites and eCommerce systems.

Rotating Features
This displays a small group of featured products, at random, from a larger designated group of featured products ... much like eBay does on its home page. You will have a hard time finding this feature anywhere else.

Pre-Release Sales Tracking
If you'd like to sell new items pre-release, this feature handles it for you. Other than with our Jericho eCommerce system, good luck seeing this anywhere but a site like Amazon.com or BestBuy.com.

Sidebar Banner Management
If you are in the position to sell advertising on your web site, this feature lets you place and rotate banners. You can use this feature for extra promotion for certain products, or sell advertising space to your suppliers so that their products get extra exposure. This feature is quite rare.

Store Locator
Let's your customers enter a zip code and find your retail locations, showrooms, or retailers who carry your products. This feature is generally only seen on multi-million dollar web sites, but you can get it very reasonably, and it can't help but increase your sales!

Cross Marketing Options

Accessories Listings
You can designate accessory items to automatically display when a major product is viewed by your customer. For example, if a customer looks at camera you offer for sale, this feature will automatically display film, lenses, camera bags, lens cleaning kits, lens filters, etc. This feature, while very useful in marketing, is absent from most eCommerce systems.

Related Products Listings
When a customer views one of your products, you can use this feature to suggest other products they may also desire. For example, a customer who buys a model battleship from you may also be interested in other specific battleship models. Web sites like Amazon.com use this feature to suggest book and DVD titles when you view their products.

Replacement Items Listings
This lets you to identify a possible replacement item in case you are out of stock of an item. Often a customer will go ahead and purchase this item instead of the original one they were looking for. This is a very rare feature.

Customer Convenience Options

Cart Summary
As your customers shop, their intended purchases are displayed in a summary list in the right sidebar of the shopping cart. The summary can display a summary list of items, or a total only, at the customer's option. This feature is almost never seen.

Favorites List
Your customers can save a list of the products they order frequently. This lets them order these products quickly on each shopping visit to your web site, without having to find and order them individually. The more convenient your ordering system is to use, the more your customers will come back to you, rather than shop your competition.

Favorite Searches
This allows your customers to save their search parameters for the products they look for frequently in your eCommerce site. With one click, they can retrieve a list of their favorite searches, and then with one more click, receive a complete list of products found by that search. We have never seen this feature in any other eCommerce system.

Previous Order Display (requires. User Login module)
Your registered clients can see the past orders and quickly re-order or edit a previous order allowing quick access to re-ordering items used often. This is another rare feature, generally only found in eCommerce systems offered by very large retailers/'e'tailers.

Shipping Tracker
Let's you enter UPS or FedEx tracking numbers. Customers can then click on a link on your web site to see the shipping progress of their order.

Wish List
Allows your customers to store items they can't afford now, but wish to purchase in the future. On a subsequent visit they can easily display and order from this list. You'll only find this feature on major shopping carts such as Amazon.com (unless you use ours).

Product Details Options

Multi-view Graphics per Product
Allows you to show more than one image of a product on the Detailed Product Display Page. Clicking each image can show a large version of the image. This feature does exist in other shopping carts, but it is rare.

Product Customization/kits for Ind. Parts
This allows you to built groups of related products or parts into one ‘kit’, which your customer can find and buy all at one time. They then don’t have to find all of the individual parts themselves, or figure out which ones they need to complete a project or purchase.

Product Documentation Lookup
This allows customer's to come to your web site to find out how to use products they've bought from you. It is common for people to lose instructions packed in a product. Having them easily accessible on your web site not only create good will with your customer, but keeps them coming back! Again, this is a rare feature.

Product Rating Tracker
Web site like Amazon.com use this feature to let customer's sell each other on the value of a specific product. You won't find this feature in other eCommerce system packages.

Product Specifications Display
Allows you to display, in a special area, detailed product specifications. You don't find this on many web sites.

User Comments Tracker
Similar to the Rating Tracker, this let's customers save comments about products. Nothing sells a product faster than favorable comments left about it by previous buyers. This is a very rare feature in other eCommerce systems.

Promotion Options

Bulk Order Discount Tracking
This allows you give special discounts based on unusually large purchase volumes. It's a super-sized version of the multi-tiered pricing noted above. You'll look for a very long time before you find this feature in another eCommerce system.

Buyer's Club
This gives you the ability to offer specials to customers who join your buyer's club, such as the one used at Barnes & Noble. Its a good promotional tool that gives you more advertising paths to your customer. It's also extremely rare to find in an eCommerce system.

Corporate Account Tracking
This allows multiple buyers from one customer to obtain quantity discounts based on their entire business with you, and not just on a per order basis. Thus if a customer whom you've assigned to one price level increases their volume with you, your system will automatically know and offer them a correct discount.

Online Gift Certificates
This allows you to sell gift certificates that may be redeemed thru your internet ordering system. This feature may exist somewhere else, but we've never seen it on any other eCommerce system.

Rebate Discount Handler
You can offer only rebate codes for special promotions. It's good promotional advertising, and is a easy to implement feature with our eCommerce systems. To get it otherwise, you'll pay a customer programmer about $125 per hour for a few days.

eCommerce Features

Authorize.net Setup
Broadway Technologies is a business partner of Authorize.net, one of the leading providers of online credit card acceptance. We will add to your eCommerce site the programming necessary to implement payments thru the Authorize.net gateway.

PayPal Integration
Our Vortex and Jericho shopping carts also integrate PayPal payments, should you prefer that methods. With these PayPal payments, you can accept credit card purchases even if your customer does not have a PayPal account.

Real Time Credit Card Approval
Your web site will accept payment, which is approved by the time you see the order. The credit card funds collected are automatically deposited to your bank account.

Secure Certificate
In order to accept credit card payments on your web site, it must include a Secure Certificate. This outfits your eCommerce site with the ability to transact secure, encrypted communications with your customers, and is an absolute requirement for any web site which receives credit card or other sensitive data from a customer.

User Login and Maintenance
Administrators of the site will be able to upload client information to set up accounts, or client can manually add/edit client information directly via the online interface. This allows regular visitors to have a username and login which identifies the client as he/she enters the site. This feature is common on "Business to Business" systems, but is found on only the most expensive "Business to Consumer" systems.

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