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Vortex - An Introduction to Your Web Presence

Your line of business, like most, has a finite number of customers with a relatively predictable rate of growth in the industry. We understand, just as you do, that putting up an E-Commerce web site, or improving on the one you already have, isn't going to suddenly generate hordes of new business in your industry.

What will a correctly designed web presence do for your business?

  1. Make it easier for your customers to communicate with you
  2. Make it more convenient for your customers to get up to date information about your products and services
  3. Make it more convenient for your customers to place orders
  4. Give your sales staff more time to go after new business, and service existing customers, as online orders ease the pressure on your sales lines
  5. Further eliminate pressure on your sales and customer service lines because your customers are able to get current information about your products and services from your E-Commerce web site
  6. Help to eliminate errors in the order taking process by letting your customers enter and double check orders themselves
  7. Let your customers quickly pull up previous orders, making it easy to place a new order with stock items they order frequently
  8. Allow you to instantly promote sales, specials, and close outs without the time and expense of calling or sending mailers to every customer. Not only does this get your promotions off to a faster start, it saves you very real overhead expense at the same time.
  9. Allow you to instantly publish changes to your catalog on your web site, keeping your customers up to date without the lag time involved in mail or telephone contacts for that purpose.
  10. As your competitors' customers realize that it saves them time to do business with you, you'll start to pick up new business from them. Last year we put up a Vortex site for a customer whose main competition had a pretty nice E-Commerce site already in operation. It took an average of 45 minutes to place an order on the competitor's web site. The same order took 15 minutes to place on our Vortex site. Prices being relatively equal, this alone can decide who gets the order!
  11. As we mentioned on the Vortex home page, you don't want to be the victim of the reverse of the above noted scenario. If you don't have an efficiently implemented E-Commerce system for your customers, you'll start to lose them as soon as one of your competitors does have one ... it may already be happening.
  12. If your accounting system has import and export facilities for data, we can easily and inexpensively create an interface to keep current prices and availability for your products conveniently updated.
  13. When new business start ups do create new customers in your industry, your web presence will already be there to lead them your way ... even before you know they exist!

On the other hand, a badly implemented web site can confuse and frustrate your customers, actually losing business for you in an area where you are making a capital investment to keep current business and expand. Three of the largest retail E-Commerce sites on the internet are actually run by companies that lose millions of dollars per year! Why? Because their web sites are poorly designed, hard to navigate, and completing their order process can be quite frustrating.

You may wonder why a company with a multi-million dollar investment in their E-Commerce site has a poorly designed site. The answer is easy ...

Most current E-Commerce sites are designed by people whose roots are in graphic design, not business system design.

Vortex's developers at LeisureSoft are IT (Information Technology) developers who have been designing business systems and intuitive user interfaces for 25 years ... even before the day of the 'PC'.

Vortex is therefore grounded in a rock solid business design, and optimized for streamlined ease of use for you and your customers.

Now that you have some ideas to consider about why a system like Vortex will help your business, and why Vortex is the right tool to do so, click the Features link to get more detail about exactly how Vortex does this.


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