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A Vortex eCommerce system can be implemented for as little as $1000. Such a system would include the content pages you see in our demo "Bike Shop" E-Commerce web site, modified to use your corporate colors and logo. It would also include moderate customization of the product display and shopping cart pages to fit your specific needs and business rules. It would include the import of your product data to the Vortex server database, if your accounting software provides for importing and exporting data, or is stored in a widely supported database format.

More included features :

  • Customer login security
  • User administration for you and your customers
  • Built in reports
  • Complete web based administration system
  • Batch and/or Email notification of new orders
  • All product display and shopping cart features displayed on our Vortex demo site
  • Implementation of a hosted area for your E-Commerce on our OrderHQ.com web area

Among the custom options that might be added :

  • Custom interface to your accounting and inventory control software
  • Implementation, in the product display and shopping cart pages, of unique, complicated, and/or numerous extra business rules or features
  • a Message Board
  • Extra content web pages for your general site ... standard pages are displayed on our Vortex demo site
  • Customization of your E-Commerce system to appear in different ways, and present different information, to individual customers
  • Obtaining and implementing Secure Certificates
  • Implementing real time credit card transactions
  • Inclusion of the Athena Customer Support/Knowledgebase system
  • Other customization you might need that we can't know about until we discuss your slate of business needs

Other Services :

  • Data normalization if your inventory and/or accounting systems are not currently configured to fit well with an online ordering system
  • Normally our web designs include content as provided by the customer. However, we can write promotional content for your web site, or consult with your staff or agency to insure effective promotional content for your E-Commerce web site.
  • Business and/or management consulting to determine and implement correct work flow and information flow ... starting from your E-Commerce orders straight through to your fulfillment process, billing, and collections
  • If your business doesn't already take payment via credit cards, we can help guide you through the process of obtaining a credit card merchant account, and determine how to best tie your merchant account to your E-Commerce site and your business as a whole.
  • If you have remote offices, we can add secure areas to your E-Commerce web site to help you publish confidential business reports or other information you need to make quickly or dynamically available throughout your company.
  • Is your company-wide project management somewhat fractured? You can use project management information systems built into your web site, giving employees throughout your enterprise easy access to view, update, and comment on the status of corporate wide initiatives.
  • We can also develop affordable custom business productivity software for your company, as we have done for First Union National Bank, AgFirst, Brokers Insurance Group, and Duke Power, among others.

Please feel free to call with any questions about Vortex features and operation. We'll be happy to discuss your business needs for an E-Commerce system to fully support you and your customers. We'll help you completely explore and itemize those needs. Then we'll prepare a firm quote based on the project specifications thus developed. If you're not fully versed in the 'ways of the web', we'll help you understand which elements of web site design are crucial to a successful E-Commerce web site, and will help you to make sure your aspirations for your web site mesh with the practicalities of a web site that is easy for your customers to use.

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